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Reddit NFL Streams Banned? Watch Live Streams On Alternatives For Free


In the past, football fans across the world could watch NFL action on Reddit NFL Streams, which was a subreddit on Reddit. The destination featured links to streams of every NFL game, including RedZone from both NFL Network and DIRECTV. When it came to finding a way around a loophole, it was the perfect place for fans to watch their favorite NFL teams that weren’t playing locally on television. However, NFL Reddit streams were taken down, and it appears that Sunday NFL Tickets might be the best option moving forward. 

Reddit NFL Streams is Illegal Use?

In the past, Reddit has been banned in countries due to promoting free networking, as well as pornographic materials. That has also led to other sides such as Imgur and Vimeo being banned as well. However, NFL Reddit Streams was surely sought out due to competitive companies streaming the Sunday football madness. 

Why did Reddit ban NFL streams?

In 2016, NFL Reddit Streams received 1,155 DMCA notices, which resulted in over 600 content removals. Fast forward to 2019, there were 34,898 copyright notices, which results in 124,257 removals. The easy answer to NFL live Reddit streams being shut down was copyright. Reddit was forced to take action due to infringement on their own policy. 

Reddit’s policy states that users must close their account, who have repeatedly been charged with copyright infringement. Typically, if an infringement is limited to one user, Reddit can close down just that user’s account. In other circumstances, if a whole problem involves a whole subreddit community, they close the subreddit completely. This did not just impact those wanting to watch Thursday Night Football, but the entire NBA as well. The NBA live streams were also banned for copyright infringement. 

Other Free NFL Streaming Options than NFL Streams Reddit

Now that NFL Streams Reddit got banned – it put us to questions what other free NFL streaming options is there to tune into the NFL action? We summarize the sites below that we know still exists. This list will be updated frequently and if anything happens to any of these sites we will keep you informed so you can stay safe. We do not recommend using any of free sports streaming sites.

Free NFL Streaming Sites

There are multiple options of free NFL streaming sites, not only to stream NFL but also for NBA, NCAA and other live sport events. We have summarized the most known free NFL streaming sites that is currently up and running today. We recommend using any of these free NFL streaming sites with caution. Many of free sports streaming sites that is available today is mostly illegal and do come with risks. The biggest disadvantage you will find using any of free sports streaming sites is unwanted pop-ups and potential malware if you happen to click on any harmful ad. Whenever you plan to watch your next NFL live stream – keep that in mind!

NFL Bite – founded by the r/nflstreams from Reddit

NFL Bite is the official and number #1 Reddit NFL replacement out there.
The NFL streaming site NFLBite is founded by makers of the r/nflstreams subreddit channel. Those wanting to watch NFL games for free – this is your numer one option.

With the demise to Reddit NFL Streams, NFLBite is one of the free sports streaming sites out there that allows fans to watch free NFL Streams, NBA Streams, Soccer Streams, NHL Streams as well as MLB Streams. All captured into 1 single free sports streaming site! NFL Bite broadcasts to over 200 countries and gives plenty of great Reddit Subreddits that allows access to free NFL Live streams in full HD – without any ads!


Crackstreams is know for being illegal and doesn’t take you as a user serious. We would not recommend visiting or using Crackstreams because it is considered privacy and illegal. Using these site could potentially negatively impact your device, while the steamer could face legal punishment or get malware. 

SportSurge – alternative to a NFL Streams Reddit Replacement!

SportSurge is another option of a new NFL Streams Reddit replacement and has recently gone live. Since Reddit made it clear that they did not want NFL games streamed, streamers can move over to SportSurge. All fans have to do is contact their online chat from the registration page to get a code. Everything is also compacted into one place rather than various subs. The only downfall is that since this is a new area, handling the traffic from so many different sports will be difficult. This has a NFL Reddit live streams feel, so it should be an easy place to navigate through. SportSurge is indeed your second best option to a legitimate NFL Streams Reddit replacement.


Bilasport is another free sport streaming site with great option to access any NFL live streams free. This is considered a free source of streaming, analysis, and previews of each NFL game. Their platform claims that “we’re here to disrupt the status quo of the online sports analysis community.” Users have found that streaming NFL live games on bilasport.net is very reliable. From watching on the web browser to the Xbox One, fans can keep up with stats, trends, insights, and the game throughout the day. 

Reddit NFL streams banned – What To Use Now?

There are still plenty of ways to watch NFL games through live streams. You can call up your local cable provider, but there are cheaper ways to catch an NFL stream. Many companies offer NFL games and offer a free trial. Some of those include Sunday NFL Ticket, CBS All Access, YouTube TV, Hulu Live, FuboTV NFL, and AT&T TV Now. 

NFL Streaming – The best NFL Streaming Sites!

There are many options in Streaming NFL. We have summarized a quick guide for you to find the best NFL Streaming sites that are available right now. We will add to this list as more streaming sites becomes available. You could also find a summary above which give you a good understanding on the different options.

Below we summarized the best NFL streaming sites we find – that gives you the best quality and for your money. With endless options in streaming other sports that you might want. Cut the cords – no cable attached! All in the cloud – on any device!

YouTube TV – #1 option for NFL Streaming

This is one of the better comprehensive packages for NFL streaming. With YouTube TV, you can access every channel that you would to live stream a game. It’s one of the most expensive options, but it’s one of the few options that you can package NFL Redzone for an additional $10.99 per month. Fans can live stream NFL games through the mobile app and it works with both Android and Apple. 

CBS All Access NFL – #2 option for NFL Playoffs and Super Bowl

CBS All Access is the cheapest option out there for streaming NFL Playoffs and Super Bowl LV. With CBS All Access you will get all live sport coverage and shows there is you will need. CBS All Access will become Paramount on March 4 – in a brand new streaming platform alongside MTV, Bet, Paramount, Nickelodeon and more. So now is the perfect time to try CBS All Access – for free – and watch all the NFL Playoff Games as well as Super Bowl LV.

Sunday NFL Ticket – #3

With Sunday NFL Ticket or NFL Sundayticket.tv, you can watch every live out of market game on Sunday on your selective streaming device. All you have to do is visit the DIRECTV website and enter your address to make sure that you are eligible. If you live in an area that can’t get service from a TV provider, you are eligible for the service. 

FuboTV – #4

FuboTV is the better option over Hulu Live for many of the same reasons as YouTube TV. It’s the best bang for your buck. NFL Network is included, so fans can watch Thursday Night Football. Plus, an addition $10.99 gets you access to Redzone. 

Is it legal to stream NFL games?

As long as you do not impose on copyright infringement, then you should be okay. It is perfectly legal to stream NFL games as long as you find a network that offers a streaming package. 

NFL Streams Reddit Replacement?

NFLbite is the best NFL Streams Reddit Replacement out there. NFLbite is actually made from the founders of subreddit channel /r/NFLStreams.

What free NFL Streaming Sites is there?

There are many different free NFL streaming sites such as NFLbite, Bilasport, Crackstreams, Buffstreams. Most of them are illegal and we do not recommend using any of them.

What is NFLbite?

NFLBite is website where you can watch NFL games for free. Be cautious when visiting NFL Bite – since free services comes with risks.

What the best NFL Streaming Site?

We find YoutubeTV as the best option for Streaming NFL – as well as other sports and +85 channels of live TV. Cut the cords and seamlessly streaming live TV from any device at an affordable rate.

How to stream NFL Games on Reddit

Enter Reddit and search for any subreddit thread that talks about NFL Streams, Reddit NFL Streams, NFL Streams or r/nflstreams. There are several subreddits but many got banned just recently.

How to watch NFL Games for Free?

There are options to watch NFL Games for free, but those come with a risk. There are sites that offer free NFL games, but could lead you to malicious software.

What is the best option to stream NFL games? 

That is entirely up to you. Most streaming options have CBS, FOX, and NBC. For those who liked Reddit NFL live streams, SportsSurge has very similar parallels. 

Why was Reddit NFL streams r/nflstreams banned?

r/nflstreams was shut down roughly around Week 5 of the NFL season because of copyright issues. Due to now owning the rights, this is considered piracy and is illegal. 

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